We make complex systems simple and elegant

Fjord has been pioneering service design since we opened our doors in 2001. Together with our clients, we’ve created services that make millions of people’s lives a little better every day. We’re human-centered, with an eye on disrupting whole industries. And now, as part of Accenture Interactive, we can broaden our reach even further.

We don’t just create breakthrough digital services for our clients; we redesign people’s relationships with the world around them. Here are a few things that define what we do and what we’re proud of:

Redefine experiences

We transformed digital banking on the tablet with Citibank's iPad app.

Reinvent service

For BBVA we rethought and delivered banking across every digital channel.

Break new ground

We created the world's largest video wall to monitor 250m customers in real time.

Transform organizations

We transformed Telefónica R&D into an organization that values design.

Build brand DNA

We brought the new TeliaSonera brand to life in every digital context.

Push boundaries

We created the world’s leading example of responsive design for Nokia.com

Design elegant simplicity

We demystified the phone bill and turned it into a service.

Create meaning

We designed a new set of rules for visual storytelling for the BBC.

Empower People

We empowered people to take control of their own health with Qualcomm.

Our skills

Every engagement is slightly different, but there are four core areas of expertise that our clients can draw upon when working with Fjord: research, business, experience and technology design.

Things we do

We have a team of more than 200 talented designers, strategists, and technologists to make sure we bring the right skills to the table for every project.

The Service Design Academy

We're committed to improving learning and knowledge sharing beyond our walls at Fjord. Curious by nature, we're keen to evolve and do that alongside clients and the industry around us.

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