Digital matchmaker

Like falling in love with a romantic partner, falling in love with a service is something that happens gradually. We have found there are three stages of engagement users go through with a service until they fall in love.

The first is Matchmaking: when services have to feel real and relevant to genuine human needs and emotions.

The next stage is Dating. It’s all about designing in a way that appeals to the heart and encourages people to engage. We work with companies ranging from telecommunications and banking to retail, healthcare, publishing and transport. And for all of these industries, the service design courtship has to create exceptional experiences that make complex systems simple, yet captivating.

Finally True Love is our way of exploring how we can design a service that adds value and is relevant over long periods of time. This fosters loyal users and a service that becomes a life companion. Just as with a human partner, we want users to feel they can rely on the service.