Our Service Design Academy

We’re committed to improving learning and knowledge-sharing beyond our walls at Fjord. Curious by nature, we’re keen to evolve alongside clients and the industry around us.

The Service Design Academy embodies Fjord’s commitment to continuous evolution as a learning organization. It furthers our mission to foster curiosity, harness creativity and grow communication and collaboration. We have a dedicated team focused on advancing the practice of service design, inspiring talent and deploying a global knowledge-sharing platform across the company.

Inside Evolution

Fjord sees service design as a process of giving shape to the relationships between people and the services and products they use. For Inside Evolution, the SDA focuses on advancing the practice of service design through research, collaborations with academic institutions, and basic training, while looking for new ways to inspire curiosity and creativity among all Fjordians.

External Evolution

We understand that our clients’ organizations often face challenges in cutting across silos so that they can deliver breakthrough services. Often, true innovation requires seeing things in a new way. We run workshops and events that challenge clients to sense and respond to changing trends in record time. Participants at these workshops collaboratively co-create new services and develop the skills to champion service design breakthroughs within their organizations. We currently offer three basic types of workshop.

Academy programs

Under the leadership of Shelley Evenson, the team creates programs to inspire clients to stay at the competitive edge.

We design learning sessions for everything from service design basics to experience-driven brand mash-ups. We get the best-of-breed brands to work together to innovate around key experiences, such as travel, wellness or financial services.

These sessions are dynamic, fast-paced and carefully crafted, so brands can acquire the skills they need to help their organization adapt and evolve to the challenges ahead.

Trends Workshop

Each year Fjord defines the trends that will shape digital services in the year to come. In the Trends Workshop, teams look at their product/service offering in the context of these trends and re-envision their offering through the various stages of the experience lifecycle to see how it might disrupt their business. Then, via detailed scenario planning tailored to the offering, we help our clients reimagine their business in a way that takes innovative advantage of one or more of the trends, to help them to develop concrete ways of making the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Service Disruption Dramatizations

Much of what we do at Fjord centers on behavior change. We recognize the challenge our clients often face to reinvent themselves, but to create a new service offering that’s often what they must do to stay ahead of the curve.

Fjord’s Service Disruption Dramatization workshops get our clients out of their comfort zones to help them experience their brand’s services in an emotional way, pushing them to change their mindsets. The exercises foster a safe environment for conversation and fresh perspectives. Working in collaboration, we set a timeframe for actions that can eliminate the barriers to change and enable new service opportunities.