Our skills

Of course every engagement is different, but there are four core areas of expertise that clients can draw upon when working with Fjord:


Research ensures we understand every perspective: from the people involved to the core business competencies, and the overall economic, social, technical, and political context of the challenge. We use a mix of methods to help us get there: from qualitative research to participatory design and evaluative research. When we conduct research, we also recognize the importance of the overall business needs of the company we collaborate with. After all, designing for the clients responsible for delivering a breakthrough service is just as important as designing for those who use it in their daily lives. The more research we do, the more authentically we can connect businesses with their users and their economic goals.

Business design

Business design delivers quality technological planning on a solid strategic foundation. It’s our way of ensuring that Fjord’s design work meets our clients’ wider business objectives while aligning with their organizational realities. This expertise also helps our clients to articulate new digital business models internally, as well as define the customer touchpoints. With a clear understanding of the organizational changes companies need to undergo when embarking on digital services, Fjord infuses them with a pragmatic way of working while still challenging the status quo in design.

Experience design

Experience design focuses on inspiring and delighting users across a range of devices; building an emotional connection between a company and consumers. We explore how people feel, behave and interact in order to create something meaningful that they ultimately fall in love with. Our prototyping skills mean we can conceptualize, visualize and experiment with service solutions. This, in turn, enables us to validate a business case or a user need. Ultimately, it’s an approach that allows us to help our clients embrace the disruptions digital is causing – and derive value from them.


At Fjord, technology plays an essential role in service design. It is knitted into our thinking and experimentation, underpinning everything we do. From the start, we extend the depth of ideas by offering engineering insight based on technological possibilities. We believe the best solutions come from a detailed understanding of platform, material, ecosystem and environment. In turn, we continuously review, develop, test, and measure emerging ideas, technologies and trends. We also build close relationships with complementary industries, academic institutions and researches, allowing us to leverage cutting-edge thinking.