Things we do

We have a team of more than 200 talented designers, strategists, and technologists to ensure we bring the right skills to the table for every project. We can also access a wealth of skills and knowledge via our team at Accenture Interactive.

It’s teamwork and specialized learning at Fjord that delivers results and enables us to offer a wide range of services. According to our clients’ specific needs, we apply a number of key components to the project. These can include:

Fluid Experiences

We seek to build elegant simplicity into every touchpoint of the service. In practice, this translates into beautiful interactions that reinforce the client’s brand. We also make sustainable decisions about content and platforms. Ultimately, we want to guarantee that the experience feels right to the target audience.

Opportunity and Measurement

We base everything we do on a real intelligence of the market and the people in it. This helps us to make decisions that are appropriate to the brand and sustainable for each partner organization. Using frameworks for measuring success and continued development allows us to remain focused throughout the process.

Understanding through insight

We interpret changes in the market to uncover gaps and create real innovation. By combining this with a deep knowledge of platform and technology developments, we can create product plans that take advantage of what exists – and what lies ahead.

Rapid Breakthrough

We help companies think like a startup by balancing rapid progress with quality outcomes. We recognize that sustainable innovation comes from recognizing and evaluating all aspects of the challenge and devising beautiful solutions.

Brand DNA

A company’s brand is their business. This includes each exchange between the business and the customer, so translating this into a digital experience can be a complicated process. Our Brand DNA framework helps companies make the best decisions for their products and services based on three key components: appearance, behavior and performance.

Outward bound

A great service does its own marketing for you. When marketing is tightly entwined into the product, the service markets itself every time it is used. Leveraging natural behaviors to spread the word is a highly effective way of spreading brand love without leaving customers feeling like they are targets of a campaign.