We put design at the heart.

At Fjord, we have the chance and the skills to design the world we want to live in—one that works with people and for people. As part of Accenture Interactive, we specialize in service and experience design, seamlessly integrated with a team of designers in growth and business design, to solve some of the world’s biggest and most pressing challenges. We work for clients across all industries, unleashing the limitless potential of design combined with the right technology and the right partners.

Fjordians are bold and generous, which are character traits that shine through in our work. We love to explore new thinking that leads to real impact, and we bring our whole selves to work, which enriches our teams and enables us to deliver exceptional solutions for our clients. Our hunger to innovate and discover new possibilities sets us apart. These things and many others mean we can remain a world leader in the design industry.

We put people first

We are constantly innovating within our discipline to remain the most forward-thinking designers in our profession, and to ensure we’re always striving for excellence and specialization in craft and thought leadership. We are united by our shared purpose, grounded in putting people first.

We’re a learning organization. We encourage and enable personal development, intellectual growth and continuous learning and teaching. We are proud of our inclusive, emergent leadership, where people are empowered and accountable—beyond client work.

With the benefit of our design studios and Accenture family around the world, we’re truly globally connected. We nurture global relationships and communities that inform, extend and validate our work, and we know how to bring the best of design to bear when solving critical business challenges. 

How we do it

At Accenture Interactive, we help our clients achieve growth and deliver purposeful experiences across their whole business. We do this by incorporating human insights to create real impact in the market.

Growth by design

We help our clients deliver meaningful growth through:

Growth strategy
We assess your natural advantages within the market context to identify new paths to growth.

 Venturing and incubation
We create the right structure, capabilities, team and governance models to get pilots off the ground.

 Market traction
We look at the customer, competition, cost and culture to determine the best ways to scale your proposition.

Experience by design

We help our clients design brilliant experiences:

Experience strategy
We work side-by-side with our clients to make sure their experiences will come to life and drive change.

Products and service design
We envision, define and design digital and physical products and services that improve people’s lives.

 Smart spaces
We craft connected physical spaces to drive disruption, commercial success, and memorable experiences.

Culture by design

We help our clients build organizations that matter:

Human-centered organization
We help clients confront orthodoxies that limit growth potential — and amplify those that nurture a truly human-centered culture.

 Employee experience
To help our clients achieve their goals, we deliver insightful and spectacular products and services that redefine the employee experience.

We pursue excellence in design

We employ forward-thinking developers, creative technologists, data designers, content designers, visual designers, interaction designers and business strategists—to name a few disciplines. We have more than 1,000 exceptional Fjordians working in more than 30 studios around the world. Our multi-disciplinary teams work together to grapple with whatever challenges our clients bring to us. We flex and refresh our design approach to create human-centered services, experiences and products that fit perfectly today—and that shape our future.

Craft and thought leadership

We’re constantly curious, seeking to develop our craft and to help our clients solve big challenges by using imagination backed by insight. Our annual Fjord Trends report is eagerly awaited by the business world, informing future strategies and growth models.

Community and connectedness

Though we are dispersed around the globe, we schedule regular opportunities for our designers in each field to share ideas and insights with each other. We highlight successes and mistakes that inform our future work.

Culture and pride

Our culture is centered around our core values: bold and generous. Being bold means having a sense of adventure, being visionary and striving for impact and change. Being generous means embracing different perspectives, working collaboratively and being open and transparent on what we do and why.

Learning and sharing

We create opportunities to learn from each other, within each studio, across each region and around the world. Nobody at Fjord works in isolation. We support each other and inform each other’s thinking, making our work richer and feeding our personal development.