We’re designing for love.

We’re a design and innovation consultancy that re-imagines people’s relationships with the digital and physical world around them. We believe digital services are similar to human relationships; people go through different stages of engagement — from first fascination to serious love. With an emotional, human-centered approach combined with robust methodology, we use the power of design to create experiences that people love.

Now, as part of Accenture Interactive, we combine Fjord’s design prowess and innovation capabilities with Accenture’s expertise in technology and operations, strong analytical tools, and the scale of their immense network to allow us to deliver end-to-end digital transformation for our clients.


Every engagement is unique, but we help our clients with three main types of challenges: defend, differentiate, and disrupt.


When we defend, we’re helping our clients discover, test and prove new paths to value for existing products offerings and services.

When we differentiate, we’re helping expand from existing products and services to new businesses.

When we disrupt, we’re designing radically new businesses and operating models for markets that don’t exist yet.

In order to tackle these challenges and help our clients achieve their ambitions, we have three design capabilities and innovation drivers that inform our approach.

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At the heart of design

With a passion for and deep expertise in end-to-end design we’re able to lead our clients on the journey from discovery all the way to development and release of a new service. On this journey, we adapt our key methods to fit the unique needs of each client to create a meaningful impact for their business and clients.

Service Strategy and Design:

“How do we evolve and prosper in a complex digital world through multiple touchpoints?”

We determine what a service can be and why.

Fjord has been among the pioneers of Service Design in the last few years. It is an approach that seeks to answer the questions: what should our service be and how do we deliver it in the best possible way? We use both emotion and logic to meld data and creativity. Our cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and ultra-curious teams help our clients answer critical questions about what their users need and how to organise service provision around those needs. Then, we use several methods to create a blueprint for a design solution that is relevant for our clients, groundbreaking for their industry, and intuitive for users.

Experience Design:

“How do we design a delightful experience for each touchpoint?”

We make it elegant and simple.

Once the service strategy is agreed and understood, customer journeys need to be detailed across each touchpoint. The Fjord culture encourages co-creation with our clients and their users, which could be partners, consumers or staff, to transform futuristic thinking into something tangible.

The manifestation of touchpoints can be non-digital as well – for example at a call centre or in a physical branch. We often prototype the experience to bring it to life. We walk through the operational roadmap to understand the impact on our clients operation and staff, and design solutions to optimise these too.

Design Realisation:

“How do we get this experience to market, in a competitive tech environment, across key devices, without diluting the experience?”

We create every detailed element so it scales without compromising the vision.

We love seeing our creations come to life. This involves the detailed implementation of every different element, often across multiple devices, locations and platforms. As design and technical implementation come together, a known issue at this stage is the loss of fidelity to the original experience as envisioned. We know how to navigate the final mile in order to deliver the service to users through creativity and the commercial application of technology to make a robust, scalable and expedient launch. And for us, design doesn’t end there; as part of Accenture Interactive, we’re able to work with our clients on real-time evaluation through analytics to truly achieve service experiences that continue to improve, and drive delight and build user love.




Alongside our key capabilities, we infuse elements of innovation into all of our work. These elements help to inform our methodologies and best practices, keeping them up to date and relevant. They also go beyond Fjord’s walls to inspire new thinking in the market as well.

Sensing and Responding

We’re culture sleuths – we look broadly across the eco-system to connect thinking. We believe the best way to discover and explore the constantly changing social and digital landscapes is through deep immersion. We echo and amplify our discoveries through Fjord Kitchen Events, Digital Boot Camps, thought leadership like Living Services and our annual Trends report.

Making and Learning

We’re hands-on, sculptors of the future. We love imagining a brand new idea, but we really love experimenting and building it. This comes alive through Rumbles (our intense two day workshop methodology) and Makeshop, a focused, tactile process where we co-create with clients to physically build services and quickly learn from play and experimentation to help the service evolve with deeper understanding.

Sustaining and Fostering

We’re transformation nurturers. We drive change through sustainable learning and organizational change. We like to ensure that our client’s organizations (and our own!) is responsive, porous and open to continuous renewal. Our Service Design Academy is a key tool that we use to implement long-term organizational and cultural change for both Fjordians and our clients.