Fjord Evolution

Fjordians are on a constant quest to evolve. When you couple this quest with an insatiable curiosity and desire to make meaningful impact on the way people interact with the digital and physical world, you have a pack of people anxious to learn.

Fjord Evolution is a dedicated global team that teaches Fjordians and our clients about service design thinking and methods through ground-breaking talks, workshops, a digital repository of wisdom and tools for expansive knowledge sharing.

The Fjord Evolution team also organizes our yearly Fjord Equinox, where we gather from across the globe into a beautiful environment to learn and share our work, collaborate and design. During this time, we develop our popular Trends report for the upcoming year as a way of near-term future-casting.  Trends serve as both a guide for our clients in a fast changing digital landscape and also as an empowering tool for our designers.



Because we work together to navigate and shape the future, we not only help ourselves transform, but we’re also helping our clients’ undergo lasting transformation. We achieve this by offering strategic advice and an experienced team to our clients so they can collaborate in building a service design organization from the inside out.

Through Service Diagnostics or identifying Opportunity Spaces we help our clients develop a framework and cultural practice that can have a lasting effect on their approach to innovation. Learning Through Practice via Interactive Learning Sessions and Digital Bootcamps bring new approaches to life.

In our workshops, we explore everything from service design basics to experience-driven brand mash-ups. These workshops are dynamic, fast-paced, and bespoke, so companies can acquire the skills they need to help their organization adapt and evolve to the challenges ahead. It’s like being able to tap into the Fjord braintrust whenever you want, put a Fjord design lens on your strategy, and grow digital leaders within your organization.