Expanding Knowledge, Extending Practice

Fjord Evolution

Fjordians are on a constant quest to evolve. Couple this with insatiable curiosity and the desire to have a positive impact on the world and you have a pack of people eager to learn. Our response is Fjord Evolution, a global team dedicated to enabling our diverse people to harness and expand their skills, and bring their personalities and passion together, As One.

Fjord Evolution’s mission is to ignite a culture of continuous learning and sharing across Fjord.

We teach Fjordians and our clients about service design thinking, powerful methods, creative leadership and craft skills, through inspiring talks, workshops, and a digital repository of tools and wisdom. Our baseline curriculum for all new joiners, regardless of rank or role, promotes a common language across Fjord. We dive deeper with topical intensive courses which we co-create with generous Fjordians who share their wisdom, giving others the skills they need to become the future leaders of design. Our learning experiences cultivate a unique ethos, spirited teams and an environment that’s ripe for innovation.

We shape our culture and methodologies and shine a spotlight on our colleagues’ work – that’s what being part of Fjord Evolution means to me.
Elena Klepikova Fjord Evolution Ambassador, Stockholm

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