Fjord Evolution - Our mission statement

Fjordians are a curious breed.

Fjord Evolution shares that curiosity, and we are dedicated to fueling Fjord’s commitment to continuous learning. Fjord Evolution is a small and passionate team of practitioners from across the globe with widely varied interests and skills. In our hands-on learning experiences, Fjord Evolution taps into Fjordians’ creativity helping them explore new methods and approaches that enable them to create products and services people love and make the world a better place.

These are the things we focus on:


We believe in reciprocity. Our learning experiences build on constant collaboration and co-creation to address sticky design problems. Working side-by-side allows us to learn from one another at every stage of our process. Our network of ambassadors gather best practices and connect Fjordians across the globe so that we can truly work as one.


We foster human-centered practices. Our learning experiences invite teams to try on new ways to work, think and feel so that Fjordians and our clients can help the world evolve into a more sustainable, social and human place.

ONENESS (Sphericity)

We believe that design is never finished. Just as we teach a cyclical, iterative design process to our teams, we treat each new learning experience as an opportunity for us to reflect and further evolve.


We stoke the flames of curiosity and create the conditions for our designers to go far beyond the status quo. We provide the tools to create emotional provocations in flexible spaces to foster unlimited possibilities for creativity in the service of our staff, our clients and society.