Life as a Fjordian

Fjordians are a close-knit global community of people obsessed with innovation. Our cross-cultural, interdisciplinary teams love to rally around elegantly simple design to create digital services people love.


Our clients come to us with complex problems of how to shape their service and tune their organization for a constantly evolving digital and social landscape. To approach these challenges, we gather our ultra curious tinkerers, culture sleuths, and pragmatic strategists to form highly collaborative teams.


At Fjord, we embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and the intrepid creativity of those eager to solve meaningful problems. Our project teams are like can-do-anything startups, armed with the wisdom of seasoned design professionals.

Cultivating diverse makers

Our teams are a cross-pollination of professions:  Business Design, Business Development,  Content Design, Creative Technology,  Design Leadership,  Interaction Design, Program Management,  Service Design and  Visual Design to name a few. These teams of Fjordians seize the opportunity to take their visions and powerfully collaborate with each other to bring those visions to life.

They do this through a curation of diverse skillsets: deep data analysis, rapid iterative prototyping, responsive decision-making, and effective planning to experienced conception and ideation, strong storytelling, and the tactful ability to balance the client’s business objectives while meeting the user experience needs of the project.

We foster an atmosphere that lets people thrive.
Olof Schybergson Founder and CEO

Nurturing innovators

Because we work together to navigate and shape the future, we not only help our clients evolve, but we’re undergoing constant transformation ourselves. We do this in a few unique ways.

With the iconic Service Design Academy, Fjord morphs into a dynamic learning institution, like a university for the hyper-creative.  We have a dedicated team behind the Service Design Academy that help us develop new skills through ground-breaking talks, workshops, and a digital repository of wisdom and tools for an expansive education.

We also have events unique to Fjord that encourage learning and curiosity outside of our studio walls. This includes our Fjord Journey, an explorative trip for Fjord veterans to explore and enhance the key characteristic that all Fjordians have: curiosity. We’ve sent our adventurers to witness actual fjords in Iceland, Norway, and Greenland.

It also includes the annual Fjord Equinox, where we gather from across the globe into a beautiful environment for knowledge sharing, bonding, and reflection on the previous year’s accomplishments. It’s also the event in which we develop our popular Trends report for the upcoming year as a means of near-term future-casting.