Today is a good day to

Join our growing family

Our team is an eclectic and diverse bunch. Fjordians don’t fit a single mold—and that’s exactly how we like it.


We’re a learning organization—a network that encourages personal development, intellectual growth, and continuous learning. Design is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the world; this is why we love to share, teach others, adopt new ideas, and experiment to advance our craft. The more we share, the more skilled we will all become.


We’re a globally connected network. Our culture is shaped by our people—all over the world.


The more connected we stay, the better and more rounded our work becomes, so we create lots of opportunities to interact, including global design community calls and our annual in-person Equinox learning summit. And in 2020, when we couldn’t meet in person, we still found a way to connect and continue our Equinox tradition.



Being part of Accenture provides lots of opportunities to specialize and innovate. There is no other company in the world with so many different disciplines, technologies, services and types of clients as Accenture. And when you combine design with such a broad variety of opportunities, the results are limitless.