04×10 in Fjord Madrid (or how to gracefully transition from animated GIFs to astrophysics)


Gathering together around food and drink is a typical Spanish custom and one that is particularly popular amongst designers, developers and digital enthusiasts.

In Madrid groups of people from all walks of digital life have been meeting up regularly over a beer and a bite of Spanish omelette to share ideas and chat about the latest news in their sector. It’s a real digital tradition for us here. Over time, this group got bigger and bigger. So about 12 months ago the group decided to formalize these meets so more people from the community could join and learn even more new things together.

This is how 04×10 began. It’s a grassroot initiative driven by curious individuals, hungry for innovation. It takes place on the first Monday of every month at rotating venues.

On Monday 04×10 held its eighth edition, with Fjord Madrid as the proud hosts, and remarkably, tickets sold out in less than a minute!

We saw speakers from Designit, the European Space Agency and Fjord run through their presentations (tightly consisting of 20 slides with 15 seconds on each slide) and even time for an eventual spontaneous presentation that finally didn’t happen. Here’s a snapshot of what we learnt:

  • Ione Ardaiz(@ionetxi) from Designit talked us through a case study on applied Service Design within the retail sector, based on a real project developed for an offline local retailer. Ardaiz talked through everything from  microimplementation to macroimplantation, metrics, methodologies and stakeholders. Ione thinks that Service Design is a growing concept, with lot of aspects to be discovered, discussed and researched, and she’s making a great contribution to it!
  • Bruno Merin (@brunomerin), an astronomer at the Herschel Science Centre, at the European Space Astronomy Centre of ESA in Spain talked about how software design is being used to analyze scientific data that could change the world. Herschel is the ESA’s giant infrared Space Telescope and, since 2009, it’s been producing outstanding images and spectra. Bruno’s mission is to provide the best possible software to make the Herschel data relevant to every scientific, adapting the existing one or creating new features that addresses every specific research area.
  • And Manuel González Noriega (@mgnoriega), from Fjord Madrid, talked (seriously) about this (seriously):

Animated GIFs: why we create them, why we love them, why we use them, why we consume them and why we turn them into the avatars of our feelings or immediate art capsules. If Instagram is the remote vision superpower, animated GIFs are the shared imagination superpower.  You can find more  in Manu’s Tumblr, where you can (and must) read his full speech.

It was a pleasure for us to host the recent 04×10 meet up and we are looking forward to the next one already. Check out some of the pictures from the night here courtesy of @nachogil.



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