10 Design Trends CMOs Should Watch For In 2016

Olof Schybergson

Forbes: Fjord CEO Olof Schybergson’s article on the design trends that CMOs need to watch out for in 2016.

The fast-evolving needs of today’s consumers and the rising complexity of technology are causing CMOs across industries to shift their thinking and take a new approach to business. Corporations are finding that innovation can be extremely elusive, and design is rising to the level of the C-Suite as one solution.

But it’s more than aesthetics. It’s a new organizational shift toward “design thinking” – a new approach to business in which empathy is established with users, models are created to examine complex business problems, and failure is tolerated, even celebrated, at times. This way of thinking is helping CMOs develop a flexible organization that can innovate and re-think the services and customer experiences they provide to differentiate their brands in today’s competitive marketplace.

From large companies bringing design in-house and governments like the U.K. publishing design standards, to companies re-thinking their employee experiences, CMOs are coming face-to-face with design like never before. And putting “design thinking” into practice is just the beginning.

Here’s a look at the influence that emergent technology will have on not only marketing, but on design, their customers, organizations and society, and the trends CMOs should heed to stay competitive.

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Olof Schybergson

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