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Virtual Reality: A Medium Is Born

We’re not shy about our belief that VR is the future. And as time passes and the tech progresses, it’s continuously evolving into a bigger and bigger part of our present.

“Virtual reality changes everything.
We were born to turn our head and look around
as opposed to being constrained by what
a filmmaker wants to show.”

– Samsung America CMO Marc Mathieu

For those not versed in virtual reality and its countless applications, it’s important to note that VR isn’t just for gaming. The technology gives people and organizations the power to improve lives by, for example:

  • creating exhilarating learning experiences, reminiscent of the Magic School Bus;
  • allowing doctors to hone their OR skills in situations that aren’t life-threatening;
  • cutting costs and mitigating risks in military training; and
  • reimagining the bedtime story experience.

As for Samsung’s Marc Mathieu, he shares his provocative insights on the topic in a new YouTube series developed exclusively for Accenture Interactive.

AI is developing nine BrandTechTalks videos featuring CMOs renown for infusing the latest technology into their products, services and marketing. Indeed, these brand-tech pioneers are blurring the line between on-line and off-line consumer experiences while investigating the marketing application of virtual reality, 360-degree filmmaking, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.19.44 PM

In the video below, Marc talks with Accenture Interactive Managing Director John Frémont about the role virtual reality will increasingly play in business, storytelling and everyday life. Touring Samsung’s New York office, Mark tells John: “VR is a game changer for technology. It’s the first time we are experiencing a moment in time where a new medium is being born.”

John Fremont

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