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Council of Fashion Designers of America Teams Up with Fjord and Accenture

Accenture recently announced an exciting collaboration with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to help shape how the fashion industry integrates consumer insights into its business practices. Specifically, Accenture and the CFDA will create talent-development programs for today’s designers and tomorrow’s retailers as well as develop a series of hypotheses on the future of the fashion customer experience and test these ideas in live pilots with CFDA members.

Last year, the CFDA launched Retail Lab with Cadillac in New York City to help emerging designers try ideas in retail. The program enables select designers to open a retail installation for three months and learn skills integral to succeed in the industry, under the mentorship of fashion industry experts.

At Fjord, we’re thrilled to be collaborating and supporting this collaboration. Together with Accenture Labs, we’ll be using expertise in physical spaces, consumer behavior and insights to help the emerging designers find new ways to engage with their current and future customers. Part of the program will include extending the Fjord Immersion Program to CFDA designers to embed them in Design Studies (our method of looking at the innovation process, which focuses on continuous design rooted in strategic value) with the team in our New York studio.

To learn more, please click here.

Fjord Family

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