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We have a great selection of open positions in some of the most vibrant cities in the US and Canada! We need directors, leads, designers and, thinkers and doers of all sorts. Have a look – there’s sure to be something here for you.

Right now, our Atlanta studio is hiring visual, content, service and interaction designers of various levels. And we need a design director. Have a look!

At Fjord Austin, we’re searching for a development director that can help take a product or service from design to reality. We also need automation engineers, an interaction designer and architects for Android and VR, too. There is more here.

In Chicago, we’re hiring a digital experience architect, a program management specialist and content designers. We’d also love to have a group design director, and we need a business design director to join the team, too. Come on over.

Watch your future colleagues explain what we are about! (There are more openings below the video.)

Who wouldn’t want to work in New York? We need visual designers of all different levels, and now there is even an opening for a design director. Apply now, or you might just regret it for the rest of your life – who knows.

In San Francisco, we’re hiring a visual designer and a business design lead. Our top-floor studio overlooking Union Square is in itself a good enough reason to join – click here.

When we say Canada, we’re talking about our Toronto studio. Such a great group of people – and you could be one of them! Right now, we are hiring a design director and visual, service and interaction designers of various levels. Have a look!

Looking for a change of scenery? We have additional openings in cities all over the world (like, for example, Helsinki, where we have great projects and a beautiful studio, but the weather is honestly pretty awful most of the year). But really, it doesn’t matter where you work, as we work as one team across all of our studios, around the world. That’s just one of the (many) reasons why it’s good to be a Fjordian. Visit our careers page to learn about the rest.



Fjord Family

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