3 Misconceptions to Abandon While Implementing Brand Innovation

Baiju Shah

By Baiju Shah for Adweek.

How do you choose the brands you let into your life? The car you drive, the clothes you wear, the phone you rely on, the way you power your home: You have seemingly unlimited choices. So how do you decide which brands deserve your advocacy, your love and your wallet?

We know the face of competition is quickly evolving as customer expectations become increasingly “liquid” across industries. Meanwhile, the pace of new brand and new product creation has never been faster. From beauty to personal banking, products and services have become so quick to create and easy to distribute that we now have a daunting—some might say exhausting—glut of brands hustling for our attention.

Faced with so much choice, customers are harder to impress, and brands often find themselves in a sea of sameness. To not only grab but hold onto hearts and minds, brands need to evolve their strategy by banishing the following three common misconceptions.

Innovation equals technology

Many brands still lean heavily on technology as the route to creative innovation, which is understandable given the extraordinary things we see trailblazer brands achieving with 5G, mixed and augmented reality and artificial intelligence. But, by itself, technology doesn’t make for meaningful innovation—much less sustainable innovation or genuine connection with your customers.

The most sustainably successful innovations have been the ones that have really answered human needs.

Many brands are stuck in technology pilot purgatory. There needs to be real substance behind our use of technology, driven by real understanding of human need. In short: We need to think beyond technology, tactics or task force to something a lot more human-focused.

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Baiju Shah

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