48 Hours to Change the World

Manuel Grossmann

The first weekend  in November will see people from all over the world come together for 48 hours to create service ideas for a more sustainable future by taking part in the Global Sustainability Jam.

The Global Sustainability Jam is an intense 48-hour creative session in which people with various backgrounds apply user-centered design methods to solve problems and generate ideas around sustainability. The reason why it is called a “jam” and not a workshop is, that the nature of the event is very similar to a music jam.

For music jams musicians with various skills come together to play. The goal is not to produce a fantastic studio album. But to share the joy of playing with each other, creating a unique atmosphere and learning from each other. In the end some music jammers might form a band, others learned new ways of playing music or simply had a great time.

A design jam is very similar, only that less music and more design is involved. But the goal is the same: Sharing knowledge, learning and creating something within a group that individuals couldn’t produce if they were to do it alone.

So far the Global Sustainability Jam takes place in 54 locations on 5 continents. Following a tradition, Fjord’s Berlin studio will once again host the Sustainable Jam Berlin. We are very happy to be part of such a great initiative and proud to support it. If you want to join the local jam in Berlin, you can register at the jam’s website.

If you are not based in Berlin, check out the official website of the Global Sustainability Jam and find a location nearby you.

Are you curious now? Get a glimpse of what the Sustainability Jam Berlin at Fjord feels like:


Trailer: Global Sustainability Jam in Berlin from Service Design Berlin on Vimeo.

Manuel Grossmann

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