7 Pillars Of Marketing Creativity In An Age Of Ultra-Fast Sharing

Ida Jensen

Joydeep Bhattacharya writes for CMO.com: Get the creativity spot-on in a digital campaign and you won’t have to wait long to feel the effects. Whether it’s a piece of communication that empathises perfectly with its audience, or hits just the right note in terms of topicality, this is the medium that really pays dividends in terms of consumer interaction (and ultimately, we hope, sales).


  • For your teams to produce rapid innovation, they must be equipped with the best tools.
  • For the Creative Promise to be successful, it is imperative that you connect the digital with non-digital channels and the data that brings it all together.
  • The marketer’s challenge is to navigate through any lack of internal integration, while keeping the simplicity of the creative proposition clear and effective.

How to facilitate such marketing magic is what many of us spend our working hours analysing. At Accenture Interactive, we were interested in Adobe’s ‘Digital Marketing’s Creative Promise’ white paper, outlining the seven strategies that marketers need to address to maximise their chances of delivering the creative goods.

The main pillars in the report stress how important it is to:

  • Find the right creative talent.
  • Capture inspiration wherever it strikes. Equip your creatives with the right tools, such asiDoneThis and Slack, so they can work from anywhere
  • Boost creative velocity by smoothing your workflow. Prioritise a seamless creative process with the aid of collaboration tools likeBasecamp
  • Leverage a platform for housing and organising creative assets.Set up effective access, from all devices, of resources including images, video and ads
  • Make creativity shine with responsive design. Optimize your campaign for various mobile devices in a variety of screen sizes, using tools such as Foundation, which is one of the most advanced responsive front-end frameworks out there.
  • Connect personally with millions by mixing creativity with relevant and accurate data.
  • Cultivate an ethos of digital innovation.

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Ida Jensen

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