A field trip to the past

Manuel Grossmann




Every once in a while it is time to get up, leave our desks and explore what’s out there. So we leave the office and get inspired. This week a part of our design team went to see the Computerspielemuseum (Museum of computer games) in Berlin.

It has a great special exhibition running called “Play the originals”. For many of us it felt like a time warp back to our childhood. Loads of video games are exhibited and can be played in the museum! As you can see in the pictures we had a great deal of fun trying out the different generations of games.

The game that gained a lot of our attention was the “Painstation”.  It is more a piece of art than a video game. It answers the question how much we are willing to take in order to win.

It is based on the “Pong” video game. Two players are competing, if one of them looses a ball they will be punished with heat, electric shocks or a whip.

If you want to try it out yourself or just explore the exhibition come to Berlin and visit the fantastic Computerspielemuseum.



Manuel Grossmann

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