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A night of music with the Fjordinary Heroes

They say that colleagues who perform together, stay together (don’t they?). Well, the Fjord Chicago team recently put this notion to the test when its newly-created band, the Fjordinary Heroes, went head to head against five other digital agency bands in the Battle for Hope, an annual competition that raises funds to benefit Chicago’s Off The Street Club.

Formed just months earlier under the vision and encouragement of guitar man Stu Wiley, program management lead at Fjord, the Fjordinary Heroes had one initial goal: to get together after work and have some fun playing music. But they raised the bar on their expectations for their after-work fun when the Battle for Hope came around. With a total of eight band members of various instrumental talents, the group entered the competition with just a few initial practices under their belts.

performingUsually a member or two short at practice, the Heroes were challenged to continually sharpen their set. Their genuine camaraderie, passion and strong interest in not being embarrassed held together like glue, well enough to get the band ready for show time.

Check out this short video for a glimpse of the fun:

Fjordinary Heroes: A Fjord Chicago Band from Fjord on Vimeo.

In the end, the Heroes were not crowned champions at Battle for Hope (they ended up in fourth place), but they had a blast jamming on stage in front of their colleagues and many others from the Chicago design and ad scenes. The event itself sold out all 800 tickets weeks in advance and raised $90,000 for the Off the Streets Club charity, an increase of 64% from last year’s Battle!

Fjord held it down together, making its presence felt among Chicago’s digital community, and raising the spirits of all Fjordians in the weeks that followed.


Top image taken by Laura Rose Davis, Charming In Love

Kevin Widerstedt

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