A trip to the Burberry store

Fjord Family

Today instead of having our usual studio-based design meeting, we decided to get some collective inspiration by making a field trip down the road to the new Burberry flagship store.

We were unexpectedly impressed. As advocates of brand DNA, we couldn’t help but feel that the experience of the store was a true embodiment of Burberry’s own particular take on luxury.

Those of us who never normally venture into a store like this were relieved to find how unthreatening and in fact welcoming it is. Ipadded staff were on hand to offer advice and useful inside information, without being patronising or cynical to a group of clearly not typical Burberry customers who had suddenly descended en masse on their store.

Dominic Quigley, our art director summed up what the experience was like for him:

“I thought that Burberry had managed to get the mix of digital and real-life well balanced. The experience is heightened by the neat little touches around the magic mirror wall.

I think more could have been done around interaction with the tablets stationed at each garment, but maybe this would have made the experience less high-end. The staff were well informed and approachable, having an iPad to access catwalk scenes of looks and garments, plus the ability to look at Vogue in case you’d spotted something you liked in there.

Overall impression, Burberry have shot up in my opinion as a fashion brand – I really want the brown coat.”

As retail starts to wake up to the opportunity of merging digital, performance and multi-media in both their physical and online touchpoints, Burberry are certainly leading the way in the luxury space.


Fjord Family

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