Reshaping news for the mobile readers

At Fjord Madrid we’ve had the privilege of working hand in hand with ABC, Spain’s most historical national newspaper. Born at the dawn of the twentieth century, ABC has reinvented itself more than once, demonstrating its ability to step ahead decade after decade. Aware of the fact that a vast majority of their current 10 million unique users per month access the content via smartphones, the ABC team decided to take a new leap forward and create a completely new approach to their mobile web.

We were lucky enough to be chosen as the design and innovation partner to help them create a mobile experience that is unique and complementary to the desktop version of ABC. We infiltrated ourselves at the very heart of the newspaper and their readers and came out with a design strongly connected to the values of coherency, rigor, adaptability and personalization.

The new mobile website of ( has just been released, and a couple of days ago we shared the stage of MMA‘s PureMobile conference in Madrid with Ana Delgado, Managing Director at ABC, to showcase how tight collaboration with a client actually pays off. published a news piece on the event and the smartphone ready website. Below you can find an excerpt in English. You can read the full article [in Spanish] here (of course, if you access via smartphone, you will see for yourself what our design looks like).


Ana Delgado: « reinvents itself to provide an optimal experience to the user”

We’ve been literally awake all night long to present you today exclusively the new mobile version of” These sincere words come from Ana Delgado, Managing Director of ABC, one of the keynote speakers at PureMobile event in Madrid, where she presented the new smartphone ready version of the centenary newspaper.

The effort has paid off. “We knew that a new mobile strategy was needed”, ABC Managing Director stated. “Mobile devices are the most challenging platform in terms of content consumption, and we asked ourselves if our users were enjoying the best possible experience? The answer was no. We had so much work ahead. And to accomplish it, we chose the best possible partner: Fjord.” The design consultancy has been responsible for creating the new mobile version of this newspaper.

Personalization is the key element in the design of the new mobile web of “We spent a whole day in the newsroom. We needed to know how they worked”, says Jorge Negrotti, visual designer at Fjord. The second step was to define the customization. “Users can choose what content they want to see in the mobile version. You can enable or disable the sections according to your preferences. In the future, this will no longer be done manually but intelligently, thanks to algorithms”, he states.

The mobile version of ABC also enables users to follow their favourite journalists and columnists. “Indeed“, Negrotti explains, “users will be notified when, for example, his/her favourite writer publishes a new article.” The new mobile web of ultimately seeks as much personalization as possible, and to achieve it, the newspaper’s development team is currently working with a modular system -ideated by Fjord- to offer their readers the best possible way of consuming information. follow module

The different modules can adapt to the type of news and, therefore, to the user’s needs, since it is not the same to watch a photo gallery than reading last minute information. In short, the new mobile web of is adapting to a reality that nobody can deny: the mobile data consumption has experienced an annual growth of 55% and by 2020 will increase tenfold, as Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, head of Google Spain, explained after ABC and Fjord’s presentation.


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