Accenture’s Fjord adds edge to the Toronto team

Ida Jensen

Globe and Mail: Accenture is opening up a new studio for its innovative Fjord design brand in Toronto. But don’t look to the new Fjord team for a simple website redesign or an app refresh. According to Scott Weisbord, the studio lead and Group Service Design Director charged with setting up the Toronto location, that’s just a small part of what Fjord is all about.

“You want to hire Fjord to help you with the big, hairy problem that seems impossible to solve,” he explains. “We see a demand for the services Fjord provides within Accenture.”

When Accenture acquired Fjord in 2013, the idea was that the whole would be greater than sum of the parts. Seen as an iconic brand in design thinking and service design, Fjord was an ideal acquisition for Accenture, which helps the world’s biggest and best-known organizations find digital solutions to drive growth and transform businesses. It does this for all industries working across its strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations divisions.

“Companies might come to Fjord and ask, “How do we immerse ourselves in the world of consumers?” Scott Weisbrod, Group design director and studio lead

Part of Accenture Interactive, the Fjord team of designers and developers have access to global resources as well as assignments that are many and varied. Their studio is located at Accenture’s Toronto headquarters, a sleek and modern office equipped with an innovation centre, relaxed work spaces and “telepresence” meeting rooms, which allow participants to beam in from around the world.

Accenture and it’s Fjord team are setting an example as they help some of Canada’s biggest and best known organizations find digital solutions to drive growth and transform their businesses. “We’re not just consultants, we implement all the way through,” says Bill Morris, senior Managing Director and Canadian President of Accenture. “That makes Fjord an especially good fit.”

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Ida Jensen

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