Apple, Microsoft and Netflix named the most loved brands in the US

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By Kyle O’Brien

Apple, Microsoft and Netflix have been named the three most loved brands in the US, according to the Love Index, a report from Fjord and Accenture Interactive, using proprietary analytics to accurately measure where brands are over-or-under performing based on five key dimensions: Fun, Relevance, Engaging, Social and Helpful.

The report ranked multiple industries, including retail, hospitality, banking and auto.

Fjord and Accenture asked two questions to come up with their index: What makes people love a brand experience? And what sustains that love? The two-year research study reached across three countries – the US, UK and Brazil – and took quantitative global surveys of 27,000 people. Then they used statistical techniques to create an algorithm explaining people’s feelings toward brand experiences.

The Love Index in essence updates Kevin Roberts’ “Lovemarks” concept by finding the brands people don’t just use, they actually have an affinity for and love. Each industry, comprised of six brands, featured its own distinct shape reflecting the dimensions people loved the most. The report noted that as brands stretch their respective dimensions, their scores rise and create a new shape.

The findings

Digital giants like Google, Amazon and Netflix outperformed solely analog brands, with Walmart being one of the few traditional brands to rank in the top 10, though much of that had to do with its strong digital scores.

The top 10 for the most loved brands:

Apple topped the list by being engaging, while Netflix scored for being fun. Amazon hit two dimensions by being helpful and relevant, while Facebook marked itself as engaging.


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