Atomised brands: Learning to lose control

Mark Curtis

Contagious Magazine: Mark Curtis, chief client officer at Fjord, design and innovation from Accenture Interactive, on why brands that distribute themselves across different platforms and services better suit their customers’ needs.

The dramatic transformation of the music industry perfectly epitomises the impact digital has had on our world. To many, it won’t seem all that long ago that vinyl was king. Consumers would wait patiently in line to buy their favourite artist’s latest album, taking it out of its crisp paper cover once they’d returned home and placing it on the record player, the speakers crackling as the needle scratched over the record’s surface.

This experience is a million miles from what we’re used to today. We’re no longer limited to playing music on our record player or radio. With streaming services like Spotify, we can access it from touchpoints and environments that would once have seemed entirely incongruous to the music-listening experience. Spotify is available through everything from desktop, iOS and Android, to Samsung Smart TV’s and even car dashboards (as in the case of some Ford models). You can literally access the service throughout your day, and in whatever touchpoint or environment you like.

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Mark Curtis

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