Fran Merino

Better tools for the era of Living Services


Against today’s background of rapid technological change and quickly evolving customer expectations, previously useful tools and methodologies are becoming increasingly redundant.

For companies the question is not just how to innovate but also when to bring to market; how to balance between waiting too long before adapting – and potentially losing the race – and rushing head on with a great innovation that is not yet real world ready. New ways of generating ideas need to be found, and Fjord and Accenture Interactive are taking on the challenge with the Rapid Innovation method. It helps make use of the right tech at the right time to innovate services that are viable, and to click with the broader ecosystem and the needs of people we are designing for.

At Fjord Stockholm we brought in a few friends and people we’ve worked with to give Rapid Innovation a go. The session was organized for Plan Sweden, the child rights organization, to innovate contemporary and forward-looking solutions for fundraising. One participant commented on the methodology:

“it’s fun, it’s much more compressed… We make decisions a lot quicker which is very important for the way we work. We have to generate ideas, but also be pragmatic on how we take those ideas forward… It’s a powerful way of working.”

The collaborative team are developing unique ways to brainstorm and craft digital ideas that meet the expectations of both clients and consumers, based on the backdrop of Fjord’s Living Services report. Living Services, launched in 2015, pioneers thinking around the next wave of digitalization and the use of powerful data analytics and the Internet of Things to create services that change the way we live and work.

While the vast nature and intangibility of Living Services sometimes makes it a difficult topic to grasp, it’s essential to the success of businesses for them to able to imagine products and services that have yet to exist. Fjord’s Rapid Innovation makes the topic easily digestible, integrating Living Services expertise into the task of conceptualization. The method focuses on being more experimental, autonomous, and achieving results rapidly. It is a multi-purpose tool that aids both discovery of innovative solutions, and helps us navigate this new digital world.

Fran Merino

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