How Fjord’s PartyBOT charts new waters in the customer experience

Samantha Sumpter

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“Ever wish Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri would let their hair down, stop being such know-it-all busybodies, and head out for a night on the town?

That’s a question posed recently by online publication Digital Trends, and the solution comes in the form of PartyBOT: the one-of-a-kind AI from Chaotic R&D, which made its debut during South by Southwest and was also featured by the likes of Engadget immediately following the fest.

For the specific case of SXSW, we designed PartyBOT to serve as a “personal party programmer” that engaged in conversation with users and utilized a combination of tech (machine learning, computer vision, facial recognition, speech synthesis) to cater a customized experience for each individual at our annual South By party. However, it’s far more than just a party trick. PartyBOT was ALSO designed to serve as a living manifestation of one our 2017 trends, Me, Myself and AI. This trend focuses on how – while AI has certainly matured significantly – in many cases, it’s still a far cry from a human experience, and most chatbots are effectively indistinguishable. But all of that can change in an instant.

“AI will impact EVERYTHING,” explains Marc Boudria, Director of Chaotic R&D at Fjord Austin, when asked about the future of the technology.  “The risk that your competition will get it right and have created ‘magic’ is very real, and that risk alone changes the competitive environment.”

As we discussed in our Trends report, we believe that in 2017, bots will be the way in which most users begin to consciously experience artificial intelligence in action. The key to a bot’s adoption, evolution and overall success lies largely in a very human-like quality: emotional intelligence. And that’s what differentiates PartyBOT from other chatbots.

“The way it’s designed allows for the ingestion of the user’s music, drinks preferences and social interest and curates those interests with a remarkable level of emotional intelligence and empathy, resulting in far more meaningful conversations and interactions and the potential for real-life applications that truly enhance and improve the human experience. That’s the “magic,’” said Chaotic R&D EVP, Chad Darbyshire. “This idea can be applied to a multitude of brand experiences, be it in a coffee shop, the hardware store or on a cruise. If a user is willing to share their preferences with a brand, that brand has an opportunity to create a truly exceptional nexperience.”

Digital Trends saw PartyBOT’s potential and recently spotlighted the project in this article, which features the world debut of our PartyBOT video and discusses not only the ways the bot was implemented during SXSW, but its future applications as well.

To see PartyBOT in action, click here now! And stay tuned for more videos showcasing our latest innovations – coming your way soon.


Samantha Sumpter

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