Mark Curtis

Built for Change podcast: Episode 1


Built for Change, hosted by broadcast journalist Elise Hu and technologist Josh Klein, explores how the global pandemic has not only forced radical changes in business, technology and human behavior, but has created new opportunities for leaders to evolve and ultimately excel in this challenging environment. Through compelling conversations with industry thought leaders, Built forChange dismantles shop-worn assumptions of how to meet customer needs; links a new model of employee well-being to company success; demonstrates how technology and sustainability can be part of a business’s twin transformation — and more.

In the first episode, Brian Whipple, CEO, Accenture Interactive, and Mark Curtis, Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership, Accenture Interactive, discuss what should business leaders know about meeting customer needs in a post-pandemic world.

Listen to Built for Change episode 1, Growth: It comes down to experience, on New York Times now.

Mark Curtis

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