Call for creativity in digital service recovery

Melanie Wendland

The picture “Sorry for the inconvenience” by Livia Rimolo at Fjord struck me how important and at the same time how easy service recovery can be in physical services. Interestingly the picture of a service failure and recovery posted and shared on Facebook actually promotes the business in a much more powerful way than a picture of a successful service experience in a hotel could have ever achieved. Sadly most businesses forget about this important part of service design completely or execute it poorly. The presence of personnel in most physical services however offers service recovery to a certain degree.

In digital services, the user/customer is all by him/herself with a broken service experience and recovery is limited. Also here service recovery has not been a big topic until now. We need to be more aware of the importance of designing the service recovery into the service design concept and think about creative ways to re-engage the user after a service failure.

I’d like everyone to think about how to integrate service recovery as a topic into your service design projects and innovate creative service recovery solutions.

If you have experienced great service recoveries in the digital space, I’d like to hear your stories and collect ideas around this topic.

Melanie Wendland

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