Niklas Wiedemann

Can you smell what the Fjord is cooking?

What’s a Fjord Kitchen anyway? Simple: the best conversations at a party happen in the kitchen. As we do love great conversations here in London – and we never say no to good food either – it was a no brainer to use one to get the other. So, for a Fjord Kitchen we pick a topic, get in the sharpest minds from this area speak to us about their field, compose a menu that reflects the topic and watch the inspiration unfold. We’ve had evenings about wearables, Living Services, Fjord Trends and play over the years.

This time around we wanted to talk about health. As food is core to our wellbeing it seemed like a natural fit. We invited life sciences and health industry practitioners, sprinkled them with a couple Fjordians, drizzled with a bit of Accenture Interactive and spent an energising evening musing about trends, challenges and opportunities. Across Accenture and Fjord, we work with some of the biggest health and life sciences companies and we feel it’s important, that we stay fresh and inspired, so we can bring them our A-game.


As an appetiser, we had a look at some of the hottest and most intriguing health tech start ups, to see where the next generation is taking us. We’ve seen a huge impact on the financial services industry by Fin Tech start ups over the last few years. Small players took on multinationals and are increasingly changing the face of the industry. So we learned that it makes sense to pay attention to the new guys on the block, even if you might think they are too small and the entry barriers are too high.

Anyone, who’s ever been around Fjordians will know, that we cannot sit around and just talk for too long. If the conversation is good, we’ll gravitate towards the walls and fill them with thoughts, scribbles and ideas. If you don’t capture them, ideas are just talk and will evaporate. With so many people in the room, that work in such different areas and ways with the biggest health and life sciences companies, we were keen to tap into our collective brain to understand what the biggest challenges and ambitions are for our clients. After the appetisers the walls were plastered in opportunities of all shapes, colours and flavours.

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After the main course, we had a panel discussion about the most pertinent trends in the health and life sciences industry. Being at the cusp of a paradigm shift, there is a lot going on in this area. So it can sometimes be difficult to spot what is important and what is just interesting because it is different. We came to the conclusion, that the successful future will be driven by three principles: precisely understand who you cater to, personalise the experience for the individual and root your offering in justified and authentic trust. These ring true for most industries, but are all the more important in the complex ecosystem of health and life sciences and the sensitivity of the matter.

With so many insights, inspiration and thoughts on the table we felt it was time for a digestive to tie everything together. In our final activity of the night, we dipped into all of these to create tangible ideas, we can take to our clients to create a better future where it matters. It’s always a magical moment, when everything comes together at the end of our workshops and the real ideas, that are informed by the previous activities, start flowing. It was the same here and we’ve got heaps of exiting projects to get our teeth into after tonight. It looks like we cheekily tricked people into doing a bit of work, when they thought they were out wining and dining. It just proves again, great food is the best facilitator.  


Niklas Wiedemann

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