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Chaotic Moon Innovations Impress at SXSW16

Chaotic Moon, the latest addition to the Fjord and Accenture Interactive family, showcased the latest and greatest projects from its R&D department at this year’s SXSW Interactive. Attendees received an exclusive first look at the studio’s newest innovations, featuring hands-on experiences with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, subvocalization, VR, gestural applications, invisible interfaces, augmented reality and more.

The Chaotic Moon projects ranged from helping you keep your zipper zipped to technology that could read your mind.


“Your Personal Pervert Alert™”

XYZ! Your pants as a platform – what a concept! Yup, this trouser-integrated technology has the ability to recognize when your zipper is down – and to alert you via text. The result? Your fly stays closed, and your dignity remains intact. We’re saving the world, one ego at a time.



“Your every command with the wave of a hand”

It’s all in the wrist! InVōc implements an Android Wear watch and gesture control, giving you the wizard-like ability to control your environment using small motions – and no screen. Want to get out of a boring meeting? Tug your earlobe and boom! That call you just “have to take” magically arives.



“Fürst ve scänn, zehn ve dänse”

No dance skills? No problem. Utilizing a hi-res 3D scanner and cloud computing, the Döppeldancer renders a 3D mesh of your entire body and wraps the animation, face and all, around your body structure. The result is a digital version of you, equipped with some serious Michael Jackson-esque moves.


Chaotic Moon AR Tour du Jour

“A quixotic journey from creative to code – all in AR mode”

We hacked Google Cardboard to create custom headsets for an upgraded, AR-infused studio tour. The net effect is a first-of-its-kind, depth-perceptive “mixed reality” device, an experience we’ve dubbed “poor man’s VR.” Get behind the lens – and go behind the scenes – for a never-before-seen Chaotic Moon studio tour!


“Tap into your sixth sense”

A new way to navigate! Experience this groundbreaking, proximity-sensing headband, which uses haptic technology feedback to guide you, blindfolded, through a maze of obstacles.



“Raise your aWEARness”

UnderCurrents is tech-infused apparel that incorporates beacon technology to provide gentle, strategically-placed reminders to the wearer via integrated motors and LEDs. The clothing sends “nudges” based on pre-programmed settings, helping the wearer – say a doctor, police officer, fireman or average citizen – be aware of environmental factors and receive notifications when necessary, while keeping their focus on the task at hand.

Check out all the demos by Chaotic Moon below:

Amy Ritz

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