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Connecting Coding with Creativity

Fjord hosted a number of collaborative learning sessions, including a design challenge, with students of Girls Who Code. Watch our video to learn more.

Design at the heart,” a deep part of the Fjord ethos, can mean different things to different people. When some of our designers volunteered to help support Girls Who Code, a wonderful organization that Accenture is partnering with to inspire, educate and equip young women with computing and professional skills that enable them to pursue technology careers, we proved that this culture of caring and mentorship is truly part of both the Fjord and Accenture DNA.

We think it’s critically important to introduce young women to design and technology and set them on a path to success, so we were thrilled to be able to host numerous in-person collaboration sessions with Girls Who Code in our New York and Chicago Fjord studios this summer. Our volunteer counterparts at Accenture taught students the mechanics of coding in Girls Who Code after-school clubs and hosted the New York and Chicago Summer Immersion Program students, while we worked with the girls to connect that coding with creativity. To engage and inspire, Fjord facilitators prompted the middle and high school students with provoking questions including: “Why do you code?” and “If you were a coding superhero, what would you be known for?” We crafted a design challenge for them so they could get their hands dirty and help them come away with a problem-solving mindset that will support them in their studies now and in the future.

Our volunteers spanned disciplines and included front-end developers, interaction designers, visual designers, researchers, program managers and business designers. This diverse group of Fjordians applied the same professional rigor used with clients to deliver the most immersive and inspirational learning experience to these future leaders.


The students learned user-centered design methods through hands-on ideation, collaboration and rapid prototyping. They worked with user personas, customer journeys, service concepts and high-level interaction models. Furthermore, each team presented its prototypes back to the group, which helped the students practice their public speaking skills.

Check out our video for more of an inside look at our work with Girls Who Code! This is a great example of collaboration within Fjord and Accenture to do great things externally. We are proud of the Girls Who Code students and can’t wait to spend more time with them soon!

“This has been a great experience for the girls…this allows them to see and experience what designers and coders are actually doing.” — Girls Who Code Accenture Volunteer

“I liked how we talked about how real world issues could be solved through coding.” — Girls Who Code student





Kristen Kersh
Patrick Lord

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