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Conversation, coffee and cake: Fjord launches Fika Podcast

Today, we’re launching a new podcast series, featuring inspiring and unscripted conversations between Fjordians and key luminaries in technology and design. We call it Fjord Fika, named after the Swedish custom of taking a leisurely break with friends or colleagues over coffee and cake. We hope you enjoy it! We’ll be adding more episodes in the coming weeks and months, so please do subscribe via iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.

One of the real pleasures of working at Fjord is the way people are always ready to talk, share and build on each other’s ideas. Sometimes when you arrive in the morning, the very best and most inspiring conversation happens when you’re preparing the first coffee of the day. Or stopping for a mid-morning tea. Or having a snack later in the day. The common theme is the random yet fantastic conversation you have when you set aside a moment to take a break.

So we got to thinking: how could we share that experience and some of those inspiring conversations with a wider audience? And whom would we love to have a coffee break with if we could? (You know, kind of like the question of what your ideal dinner party would look like if you could choose anyone to attend?)

And then it hit us: why don’t we do a podcast series? And why don’t we ask some of the smartest, most inspirational thinkers and innovators today if they’d like to have a chat with us?

And voila! The Fika podcast was born.

Each Fika chat will offer a fresh, honest look at all sides of innovation – the good, the bad and the ugly – and the impact on society. We promise you that this Fika break will never leave you bored, and we guarantee that you’ll learn something new, be inspired or learn to tackle a challenge in a new way. Our conversations are now yours, too.

You can subscribe to the series on iTunes or via all other podcasting platforms. We even created a new microsite to house the series. We’d love for you to drop by for a listen. Grab yourself a warm drink – or something nice and cold, for those of you enjoying Summer – and have a Fika break with us.

Happy listening!


John Oswald

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