Demystifying the phone bill

Daniel Freeman

Phone bills can be frustrating pieces of paper work that often confuse and bewilder us. Moreover, bill shock can be a nasty surprise at the end of the month when you realise just how much you’ve spent. Why is it that one of the most ubiquitous and essential devices can be so hard to manage? Surely if bills were presented in more meaningful ways, we might be better placed to control our phone usage?

With a heritage in mobile, this is a matter close to our hearts so we were delighted when 3 in Sweden approached us and asked us to help them re-create the concept of self service and the phone bill in a way that would offer the greatest level of transparency to customers on live usage and allow them to effectively manage their subscriptions.

The result is a completely new service called My 3 which uses data visualisations to model over 200 different mobile subscriptions and enabling customers to understand the latest voice, messaging and data usage. We’ve called these Vinyls and Doughnuts! My 3 also provides customers with more playful aspects on the way they use their phone such as insights on their top messaging and callers as well as historical trends on usage over the last six months.

We’re thrilled to have played a part in the wider trend 3 is trying to address – helping its customers effectively manage their usage associated with multiple devices at home, work and amongst the family as people acquire not only smartphones, but also use tablets, notebooks and mobile broadband connections. 3 is pioneering new ways to put the customer first and in today’s increasingly connected and mobile world, this is paramount for operators.

Here’s a link to 3’s video explaining the 3 Smart App in more detail.


Daniel Freeman

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