Design for digital context

Sara Munday

Designing and creating the best digital service experiences demands a clear understanding of user context.

The rise of embedded technology coupled with contextually aware design, technology is being utilised more and more to tailor and automate digital experiences. Helen Le Voi, Martin Charlier, Daniel Soltis from Fjord have recently written a report on this subject.

‘Design for digital context’ report

This Fjord Report looks at the background to context- sensitive design, current approaches, and concludes with analysis and high-level design recommendations for creating digital services that use context effectively and profitably. You can read it here.

Fjord and the SMARCOS project

Fjord believes one of the most important influences on the future of digital service design will be the growing field of the Internet of Things. By that we mean smarter services, using sensor networks, real-time data, connected objects and novel service touch points requiring next generation interaction models.

Fjord’s research work in this area encompasses our involvement in the three-year EU-funded research project SMARCOS, as well as trends and analysis work informing our practice. The SMARCOS project was set up to research ‘interusability’ in interconnected embedded systems, and Fjord’s role in conjunction with our partners is to explore design frameworks and best practices for designing such interconnected systems.

Sara Munday

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