Design for mobile web first

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At Fjord, we’re often asked to design the desktop web component of a digital service. But should the mobile web be the first touchpoint to create? If fact there’s increasing evidence that mobile is becoming the only touchpoint for many users.

So there is a clear, traffic driven rationale for providing a great UX for the mobile touchpoint.  But simply the practice of designing for the mobile context can improve the service experience by prioritising, focusing and simplifying the proposition.

It’s a compelling methodology, and there’s more in Luke Wroblewski’s Mobile First book published on A Book Apart.

Mobile is a single touchpoint but also an increasingly important service destination.  it’s unique form factor and data ecosystem has achieved mass global market penetration and as such has become the only way to engage with services in many parts of the world. From now on I will be advising service managers to consider targeting mobile users first.

Fjord Family

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