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More output from our fast and furious ‘design inspiration’ meeting we thought you might enjoy. See more design inspiration blogs here and here. Share what inspires you!

Books and Movies

James enjoyed the aesthetics of the book  “Schematics: A Love Story by Julian Hibbard”. It uses re-drawn schematic diagrams from old books narratively paired with text to tell a love story.

Helen read “A Small World, Smart houses and the dream of the perfect day” – a look at the history of American visions and fantasies for the future.

Kostja enjoyed the manga inspired comic book Scott Pilgrim – Great visual design and an awesome read!

Abbie liked the book Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual illustrated by Maira Kalman.

“I was inspired by the illustration – quite a naïve style, but something tickled me about them and the actual content.”


Noemi read the article “The Persuasive Power of Swearing” and found it an interesting piece of insight into how to communicate more convincingly… A quote from the article – “a little damn and blast is more likely to be seen as a genuine display of emotion, which is refreshing. If nothing else, swearing is persuasive because it’s human”

Art & Design

Chris enjoyed the minimal poster designs of Christian Jackson inspired by children stories.

Christian Jackson poster design

People and Places

Malin took inspiration from the street environment around her.

“By just trying to look at familiar things and routes with new eyes it is possible to find inspiration in your closest vicinity, and even in mundane things. It could be ugly, smart or beautiful and unexpected things.”

Luke visited Parkland Walk. London’s longest nature reserve, this walk follows the course of the old overground route between Finsbury Park to Edgware. In the 1930’s London underground wanted to make the route part of the Northern line but work was abandoned after the second world war. In 1984 the line, much of which had been reclaimed by nature, was reopened as Parkland Walk.

All along this wide open and beautiful path you can spot remnants of the old line, such as the overgrown platforms of Crouch End Station.

Steve liked the design of this tree-hanging tent. “Overall I’m impressed that it addressed a key need in certain instances, and it appeals to the ‘constructor’ in me – it looks like fun too ;)”.

Technology and services

Anders enjoyed the design of Scorekeeper XL. A free iOS app to help keep scores in casual gaming.

Rob was impressed with the Kickstarter journalism project “Matter” in terms of how it had grown in popularity and raised substantial pledges in a short space of time. “The proposition was to build a platform for good long form journalistic writing on tech which broke $100,000 in pledges after nine days.”

John liked ‘Smark’, a service to record and share emotional feelings about things. “The Smark, a personalisable, psychology-informed way to capture your emotional response to stuff on the web. Is it a solution in search of a problem, or the next potentially huge thing for online testing, marketing and branding…?”

Gavin was inspired by the Ardiuno microcontroller.“I have wanted to try out Arduino microcontroller for a couple of months and got my chance today to create some flashing LED’s! As Arduino seems mostly a hobbyist activity I am interested to find out if it can be used to build anything useful. Doing some research I found this inspiring commercial product of a quite beautifully engineered digital clock.”

Blog post written by Gavin Skull who is an intern for Fjord at the moment.

Fjord Family

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