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Andy Goodman

The Mobile 2.0 Europe – openIDEAS Conference was in Barcelona last week at the new Telefonica R&D Catalunya Headquarters, there were presentations and talks by industry experts from innovative companies working in the mobile space. Fjord was lucky to be one of those companies.

The conference brings together thought-leaders and aspiring mobile talent to discuss innovation, business and technology in the mobile industry.

Fjord’s talk was about media consumption in a mobile and multi-device world, and included information on some of the key mobile consumption drivers:

– Snacking
– Location and context awareness
– Bodies in motion
– Identity and presence
– Device limitations

We also talked about how content services are moving towards a device agnostic paradigm, so your content travels with you effortlessly and how understanding the purpose of each device in a multi-screen world is the key to delivering great experiences.

You can see the presentation below:

Andy Goodman

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