Dishing out inspirations

Manuel Grossmann

Reading blogs and news articles is nice to stay informed, but often not enough to get inspired. In order to get more creative sparks and inspirations in our office we invented the “Fjord Kitchen Events”. These events are inspirational evenings for which we invite external designers, artists and creative minds of all kinds that use digital technologies in different ways, or work in non-traditional environment setups from any type of industry.

The range of the speakers so far is very broad. We have had artists such as ‘Iepe’ a Dutch performance artist and chess boxing founder, young design agencies such as ‘The Product’ a Berlin-based spatial and media related design practice or research projects such as ‘eEtiquette’ which developed 101 guidelines for the digital world. The Fjord Kitchen events take place – who would have guessed – in the kitchen of the Fjord Berlin office. But the kitchen is not just a coincidental location. Many of you will have experienced the phenomenon that at most parties the kitchen is the most social place. So the aim of our kitchen events is simple. Provide the atmosphere of a good kitchen party.

The Kitchen Events in Berlin are open to the public and take place about once a month. If you are interested in coming by we would be most happy! If you want to hear about upcoming Kitchen Events, make sure you like the facebook page of the Berlin office or follow Fjord on twitter @fjord.

The next Kitchen event will be about ‘Tangible interactions’ and feature two fantastic projects by Erika Rossi and Marco Righetto. It will take place in the Berlin office at Friedrichstraße 210 on the evening of Friday, November 11. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Manuel Grossmann

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