John Jones
Roman Kalantari

FEI Conference Day 1: From Things to People

We took the Fjord Makeshop to the Front End of Innovation Conference in Boston where we spent time with attendees exploring ways to humanize the Internet of Things (IoT) and design better services with manners.


Hands-on with Fjord Design Studies

The Makeshop Owls, part of a recent study on creating community in a global workplace, made an appearance while our Microsoft Hololens mock-up device was seated next to the real Microsoft Hololens. Visitors jumped into the Makeshop with hands-on exploration as we set up physical journey maps on the tabletop with markers, clay, wood and a healthy supply of Post-its.


Event Attendees as Research Subjects

To further involve event attendees in the work in progress, we asked two simple questions: 1) When have you met someone who knew more about you than you expected? And 2) Was that a positive or negative experience? This resulted in a fascinating study in humanizing service relationships and how we can ease into the information we may already have about people.

Check out the video from day 1 for a quick glimpse into the day!

John Jones
Roman Kalantari

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