Jonas Hoglund

First there was nothing

It felt like getting a hold of a very thin thread. It was barely noticeable, like spider web.

I had received an e-mail from management earlier that evening inviting me to submit a proposal for a presentation to be held at an internal, TED-like conference for leaders all across Accenture. I knew it was a great opportunity for me, so I gave it some hard thought. But there was nothing. My mind was blank.

I was disappointed but as it was late, I decided to call it a day. I turned off the light and went to bed. After 10 minutes it began to surface. It was very faint in the beginning but as I finally got a grasp of it, everything unfolded in an instant.

In that moment all of my previous experiences as a father and a designer, all the things I’ve learned in my professional career, collided together. The idea emerged. It’s not the first time something like this happened to me, but it’s one of the clearest moments I’ve ever had.

Like most parents I have juggled my work-life balance trying to combine my creative ambition with my desire to constantly be there for my kids. My son Max has type 1 diabetes, and for my wife and myself, worrying about our son 24 hours a day takes its toll. He was diagnosed when he was five. That’s eight years ago.

For a person like me, obsessed with digital technology from the moment it emerged, the first questions I asked the doctors when I learned about the diabetes diagnose were: “Ok, so what data do we need to measure? What does the algorithm look like?”

That Sunday night in February, everything suddenly fell into place. The idea was crystal clear. I jumped out of bed, sneaked into the bathroom quietly in order to not wake anyone up, and shot a video with my phone. It was a submission around a diabetes care platform. I hit ‘send’ and went to back to bed. That slow hunch had brooded in the back of my mind for years waiting to collide with the right piece of information to turn it in to an actual idea.

A few days later my submission was accepted.

The event in Miami was inspiring. I did a 6-minute talk around the diabetes care concept, a health analytic platform that is device-agnostic: a living service. The response was overwhelming. I was approached from experts in health and analytics as soon as I stepped down from the stage. I built a network of capabilities to create Fjord Fido in that ballroom that day. It was just the beginning. Now we can imagine it. We already know how it works. We know how things connect. Now I want to feel it in my hands. It is the next beginning for Fjord Fido.




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Jonas Hoglund

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