Katherine Shenton

You can: Inspiring change with KiQplan

We’re full of excitement here at Fjord, as Fitbug, one of the earliest activity trackers of all, has launched KiQplan, a new series of interactive training programmes – which have been designed by the London team.

Fjord and Fitbug worked together to create a collection of 12 week fitness programmes that engage people to be healthier, by transforming the wearable into a facilitator that motivates beyond the initial gadget ‘honeymoon’ period.

Using the data collected by the fitness wearable, it turns the information into relevant daily, weekly and monthly goals including targets for activity, nutrition and lifestyle.

The fitness-tracking component is combined with a nutrition and lifestyle function: the 12-week plans include hundreds of training videos, and a growing number of recipes, articles and a built-in food tracker. Each week, users unlock new motivational content and advice. The plan can also be paused to factor in the human element and unforeseen circumstances, such as going on holiday.

Marion Duncan, Service Design Lead, at Fjord said: “It is becoming more and more evident that people using wearable activity trackers struggle to keep using them after the initial few weeks. With KiQplan we wanted to come up with a responsive service that understands human nature, by putting people at the heart of the design. We wanted to create a service that provides users with constant positive feedback and encouragement to help them keep the momentum going and ultimately achieve their fitness goals.”

“What was really important for us was to understand what motivates people and help them change their behavior for the better. The plans are designed to be in tune with how the users are doing throughout the 12-week period. Targets, messaging frequency, and tone of voice are responsive to the user’s progress.”

Paul Landau, CEO of Fitbug, said: “This $20 plan pieces together your fitness puzzle.”

The app essentially humanizes the data which wearables throw back at you, and provides the tools and motivation needed to slim down, tone up, and stay happy and healthy. Adding in a social component, it allows you to post achievements and share fitness wisdom with other users.

You can currently choose from four different plans: SlimTrim; Beer Belly Buster; Healthy Baby Bump; and Goodbye Baby Bump, with more personal training programmes being developed.

The app is compatible with the Fitbug Orb as well as other mainstream wearable activity trackers including, Jawbone, Nike, Withings and Misfit, and integrates with fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper.

KiQplan is available to purchase online or at selected retail stores for $20 in the US, with plans to launch in the UK next week.

To learn more about KiQplan visit http://www.kiqplan.com.


Katherine Shenton

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