Fjord 2012 Trends

Sara Munday

Already covered in press such as GigaOM and .net, Fjord’s 2012 digital trends have some driving themes and contexts which we spotted as we finished compiling the list. Here they are:

Devices diverge, services converge
Consumers own an expanding ‘families’ of devices, while the era of distributed sensors takes off. As a result, services become interlinked and fused, and the smartphone replaces the computer as the digital hub.

Everything is consumerised
The smartphone is a mobile computer, and the tablet takes us into the post-PC world. Technology originating in the consumer market is now in control. Enterprise IT is already feeling the disruption; healthcare and education will follow fast.

Living in the ‘new now’
Information and communication flows freely, at all times and through all interfaces. The result is multitasking and constant partial attention, changing the way we interact with each other and the world, boosting the strategic value of ‘now’.

The triumph of end-to-end experiences
One-way mass marketing is being replaced by word of mouth recommendations so service providers are required to offer compelling ‘total packages’ to an increasingly savvy audience. Delightful design + awesome technology + clever business models are required to win the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s consumers.

Sara Munday

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