Baiju Shah
Max Burton

Fjord and MATTER: Designing for the Full Human Experience


Today, we announced that MATTER will join the Fjord and Accenture Interactive family.

With the world moving forward faster than ever, each day and in every corner of our lives we all have opportunities to tweak, to hone, to clarify, to streamline, to explore. There’s always a better way of doing something. And, in our experience, the key to finding it is to put design at the heart of everything we do. This is one of the many shared beliefs that drove our desire to bring Fjord and MATTER together.

We have absolute confidence in the values we share, which will shine through as our teams use their own specialties to discover new heights to which they can take each other’s work. Combining our diverse skill sets makes us stronger, and moves us closer to our aim: to offer the most comprehensive and advanced design and innovation capability in the world.

At Fjord, we talk a lot about Living Services – digital experiences that are responsive and truly personalized. They learn from users’ behaviors and from changes in the world around them, then they use that information to shape-shift, giving users exactly what they need before they realize they need it. It’s customization on a massive scale, and it’s crucial for brands’ relationships with their customers.

Living Services are about to get a fresh injection of energy from AI, robotics and new forms of interaction like voice and gesture. As we become used to having conversations with objects around us, we need new, blended design expertise that can think through the complexities of person to object, object to object, and person to person interaction.

As digital is increasingly embedded in the physical world, brands are seeking to create connected experiences that capitalize on the strategic blending of digital and physical design. By bringing MATTER into the Fjord and Accenture Interactive fold, we can develop our approach to Living Services even further, and offer clients across all industries a comprehensive and forward-thinking design service that marries digital with physical. We’ll gain world-class physical design skills coupled with digital fluency, and we’ll be able to extend our digital product creation capability with the addition of industrial design.

The strength of this new partnership has already been proven by MATTER and Fjord’s successful collaboration on the ground-breaking new passenger experience for Carnival Corporation. Together, we designed a system of wearable medallions that automatically unlocks the right areas of Carnival’s cruise ships for each passenger, learns about their habits and personalizes their voyage. We bridged digital and physical realms with the purpose of improving the passengers’ experience with details that delight.

MATTER’s design chops have won them work with clients including Sonos, Phillips, Samsung, and Intel – to name a few. Their products’ clean aesthetics and intuitive user experiences form a serene face of simplicity, behind which sits complex, ground-breaking technology. This new partnership with Fjord and Accenture Interactive will bring the ability to manage large, complex projects supported by a deep expertise in digital.

MATTER Joins Fjord and Accenture Interactive from Fjord on Vimeo.

Our world is becoming a place where experiences are everything. To provide truly outstanding experiences, we must understand and design customer journeys that recognize technology is no longer simply on a screen – it’s all around us, in our objects and physical spaces. For meaningful and lasting success, brands must move beyond simply selling a product, toward providing experiences that develop mutually rewarding relationships with their consumers. This means traversing physical and digital touchpoints to become woven throughout people’s lives.

Fjord and MATTER’s complementary expertise combines perfectly to create a comprehensive design consultancy, and we’re excited to see the impact this will have on our clients’ future success.

Baiju Shah
Max Burton

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