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Fjord at Cannes 2018

For five days in June, the world’s leading creative minds come together at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Together with Accenture Interactive, we have an exciting program planned for the week.

From blockchain and trust to ethics of artificial intelligence, here are our talks and workshops.

Thomas Müller, General Manager Fjord Europe, Africa and Latin America

In today’s digital work, it’s hard to judge what’s authentic, where information has come from and who’s had a hand in manipulating it. As a result, people’s trust in institutions is crumbling. Blockchain can help restore this trust as it allows you to see where a piece of information has come from. In this talk, Thomas will explore how organizations can use blockchain to deliver transparency and prepare for the inevitable shift from “touch points” to “trust points” for their economic growth.

Hollie Lubbock and Jivan Virdee, Fjord London

Artificial Intelligence will change how we work, entertain ourselves and interact. It has the potential to transform society for the better, and it’s our responsibility—as designers, brands and users—to ensure we design an AI that creates a fairer, happier and healthier world. AI will increasingly start making decisions with a significant impact on lives. To make users feel comfortable with AI’s liability, transparency, security, bias and values, AI design will need an ethical code. What does that look like? AI is helping an ever-expanding technocratic elite live a better life. How do we ensure our AI’s empower the many not the few? This forward-focussed session will help answer these important questions.

Cristina Prada Gomez, Elodie Rousselot, Joumana Mattar, Manel Abella, Fjord Madrid

Democracies based on the current electoral systems around the world seem to have reached a tipping point last year. Tensions, polarization, failures of democratic representability and accountability appear to be tightly entangled with the rise of a new digital era where real-time information empowers as much as enslaves us. Join us to co-design potential solutions to generate a healthier and more converging decision-making process for common good.

Fjord Family

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