Fjord at Fortune Brainstorm Tech: Technology Made Simple & Elegant

Annie Woodhead

Fjord’s CEO Olof Schybergson at Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Speaking on a panel at Fortune’s 2012 Brainstorm Tech event, Fjord CEO Olof Schybergson shared his thoughts on what constitutes simple and elegant design. Moderated by Fortune’s JP Mangalindan, the panel also included Andy Georgescu, Product Marketing Manager at Lincoln, and explored how elegant simplicity can help technology to make an emotional connection with consumers.

Elegant simplicity is close to our heart here at Fjord—it’s been our single design driver since we opened our doors 10 years ago, and it continues to guide everything we do. But as Shybergson and Georgescu’s discussion revealed, elegant simplicity is incredibly difficult to achieve.

“The thing to know about technology is that increasingly you can make any feature, any functionality that you can imagine available,” commented Schybergson. “But what tends to happen as a side effect of creating new and interesting services and solutions is that you end up with experiences that are really complex, really difficult to understand and to engage with. To counteract that, you need to apply simplicity, and you need to apply elegance.”

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Annie Woodhead

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