Fjord co-founder Mark Curtis on the ‘rule of 3’ in design thinking [video]

Mark Curtis

Silicon Republic:

Despite his life’s work being on innovative design, Mark Curtis, chief client officer and co-founder of Fjord, said design on its own is not enough, rather, it’s all about the ‘rule of three’.

As one of the speakers included in’s ones to watch ahead of Inspirefest 2016, Mark Curtis went on stage last month with one message: design on its own is not enough.

Since being acquired by Accenture back in 2013, Fjord has grown considerably working with a number of companies to change their design thinking drastically, as well as helping them create popular digital products for customers.

Preventing design thinking becoming ‘pants’

However, while Fjord has been working within design thinking since 2001, Curtis is actually worried about the fact design thinking has become almost an industry norm over the past two or three years.

More specifically, he spoke about being worried that because design thinking made it on to the cover of the Harvard Business Review last year, it’s in danger of becoming something quickly forgotten about.

“What worries me is that when something makes it on to the cover of Harvard Business Review, it’s in danger of becoming a management fad and everyone will love it for about three or four years,” he said.

“Then in about three or four years, there will another learned article in the same publication basically saying design thinking is pants.”

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Mark Curtis

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