Fjord contributes to World Economic Forum content

Digital transformation has been a key topic in the boardroom in the last few years. This year, the conversation moved to the boardroom of boardrooms: the World Economic Forum (WEF). We were thrilled to be part of the conversation and bring it to life further, through design.

We’ve been working alongside our friends in Accenture Strategy for the past nine months, contributing to the World Economic Forum’s project on the Digital Transformation of Industry (DTI) at Davos 2016.

The project findings call out the societal and industry impact of digital transformation and quantifies this too. Their conclusion? In all industries surveyed, the value to society overall of digital transformation, is greater than the value to industry alone. This is quite a clarion call.

We’ve contributed some thinking (our very own Mark Curtis and Luis Villa are acknowledged in the Media Industry and Digital Consumption reports). Then on the design side, our Paris studio contributed to the design of the platform from where all the DTI content has disseminated across the world.

You can see a lot of Fjord’s own thinking from Living Services to liquid expectations, deeply infused in the content output, which was presented to world leaders in January. We are particularly proud of this, as content like Living Services is generated from across our studios, meaning every Fjordian has contributed in some way.

We also created the below infographic, which illustrates the report findings and provides a ‘compass’ for key industry sectors. This was another piece of content that Accenture’s CEO, Pierre Nanterme, used when presenting on the topic at Davos.

WEF_Poster_160114_VD_13-PRINT copy

(Click here to see the full size infographic)

We are looking forward to contributing next year and having the chance to combine great strategic thinking and design, in front of world leaders.


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