Katrine Rau

Fjord Copenhagen at Danish Design Awards 2017


Every year, the Danish Design Award, one of Denmark’s most illustrious design awards, recognizes and celebrates companies and designers across the country and showcases the difference their solutions make to industry, everyday life and society at large. It’s a joint creation of the Danish Design Centre and the alliance of design professionals, Design Denmark. This year, the award ceremony was spread across two events in Copenhagen and Kolding with finalists nominated for several different awards categories, demonstrating the wide range and diversity of value that design brings. At Fjord Copenhagen, we were honored to sponsor and present the special award ‘Visionary Concepts’ in Copenhagen as well as the ‘Young Talent’ award in Kolding.

Fjord Copenhagen’s Katrine Rau presented the Fjord-sponsored award ‘Visionary Concepts’ alongside host Ane Cortzen. The jury chose winner VenligBolig (‘FriendlyHome’), a social design as well as a welfare vision that brings together refugee integration, user involvement and sharing economy features in an attempt to address an urgent social issue. Katrine also had the pleasure of handing over the and congratulating the winners alongside HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

Said Rau: “A visionary solution that addresses unprecedented challenges has many dimensions if it is to be a success. Imagine if a person has a visionary idea for a product or a service that could effectively reserve air pollution. If design processes are only applied to the creation of the idea, then the impact of the design is limited. If you were to apply design to the manufacturing process, the economic modelling process, the operational management process, the political management process, and the marketing process, the idea might be able to materialize to impact the world. If we stop the design process to earlier, we risk making a beautiful, unimplemented vision.”

In the ‘Young Talent’ category, aimed at aspiring designers under 30 years old, the jury chose two winners. The first went to three specially -designed products aimed at improving quality of life for people with dementia, which was part of designer Emilie Dissing Wiehe’s graduation project from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The second went to Sofie Holm Larsen, also from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, for her graduation project, an animated film visualizing the instructions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

For a full list of all categories and winners, visit danishdesignaward.com


Katrine Rau

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