John Oswald

Fjord Fika Podcast: We chat with Aleks krotoski

Named for the Swedish custom that eschews the ‘on-the-go paper coffee cup’ routine in favor of slowing down and catching up with colleagues and friends, the Fjord Fika podcast features unscripted conversations with key luminaries and thought leaders in technology and design. Each Fika conversation offers a fresh, honest look at all sides of innovation – the good, the bad and the ugly – and the impact on society. 

In other words, this is not your average coffee break.

Episode 1: Being a keen follower of the Digital Human, and a huge fan of Aleks Krotoski’s work, it was an honor to have her join me on my Fjord Fika break. There were an immense number of topics we could have covered for the podcast; however, tea and oatmeal raisin cookies only go so far. Therefore, we focused our conversation on what it means to be a digital psychologist, the making of the Digital Human, and the future of the technological revolution.

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John Oswald

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