Mark Curtis

Fjord Fika Podcast: We chat with Andrew Keen

Episode 2: I had the pleasure of speaking with Andrew Keen, executive director of Futurecast and renown digital commentator, for my Fika break.

Andrew is recognized as an early critic of the digital revolution, at a time when many others were sharing more utopian views of technology. Today, he claims, there is more prevailing agreement among digital analysts that a solution needs to be found for the troubling outcomes and unintended consequences of the rise of the Internet and digitalization. His hope for the future lies in regulation, innovation, corporate responsibility, self-education, and collective action. As Andrew says: Technology is never the answer. It is part of the solution.”

We talk Brexit, the rise of Donald Trump, our screen-based addictions, and the role of of designers in mapping out the future. It’s a can’t-miss conversation.

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Mark Curtis

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